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BitterGo is a dietary supplement that is a combination of Ampalaya Extract, Banaba Extract, Luyang Dilaw Extract and Bawang Extract - these natural elements help manage your insulin levels.

It could also assists in lowering blood sugar levels which is beneficial for people with diabetes.
Amplaya Extract- has ability to lower the amount of sugar in the blood (blood glucose lowering effect).

Banaba Extract- helps in controlling the spike of sugar levels.

Luyang Dilaw Extract- promotes good control of sugar in the blood.

Bawang Extract- helps in increasing insulin which improves the body’s glucose tolerance. Garlic extract also helps in lowering cholesterol levels which aids in preventing hypertension.


- Aids in managing diabetes symptoms like polyuria or frequent urination, diaphoresis or excessive sweating, and blurring of vision in extremities.

- Helps stimulate the pancreas, spleen and liver to intensify absorption of food in the gastrointestinal tract.

-The only anti-diabetes food supplement that contains Bawang Extract.

BitterGo is marketed by ATC Healthcare International Corporation- the company provides an array of supplements and other healthcare products, from immunity boosters, cleansing and detoxification supplement, to slimming capsules, answering the need of all ages.

Consumers can rest assured that these supplements are safe and good for health, especially since most of ATC’s products are made from natural ingredients.


Take 1 softgel capsule a day, best taken with warm water.



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