Future School of Performing Arts

Performing Arts School

FSPA is a state of the art studio facility for performing arts and fitness classes, rehearsal space, and other purposes relating to movement.

FSPA is a space with state of the art infrastructure for performing arts and fitness due to its large spaces and real wood sprung flooring. FSPA is an effort to bring professional infrastructure for activities such as dance and fitness that is accessible to all in the city of Mumbai. FSPA will be home for classes in dance, fitness, yoga, martial arts, zumba and much more!

In the long term, FSPA intends to run a full time professional training for program on performing arts on a scholarship basis. The purpose behind this program is to cater to aspiring artists that lack access to training and exposure, that can lead them to careers in the field. FSPA intends to create this program with professional experts from the field, and a focus on leadership development, exposure and skill development, and strong professional training in performing arts.

SAFETY & LONGEVITY-two very important priorities here at FSPA! Here’s our amazing student Aditi, who came into FSPA with some difficult prior injuries. Aditi is here to share how she has come out of the program stronger, not just physically but also mentally. At FSPA, we prioritise safety to ensure that we can increase the longevity of your career! We prioritise your recovery, health and nutrition as much as your physical training. For us here at FSPA, we want to ensure that you can find the best ways to heal yourself, and come out stronger. All athletes face injuries and almost all come out strong, that’s what a professional athlete is. All dancers face injuries and other limitations, but through technique, focus on health and recovery, we believe it is possible to lead a safe and long term career in the arts! Like Aditi says, it’s not easy, but it’s possible! You too can be a part of our school, surrounded by teachers and students who are rooting for you, and work with immense care in order for you to be the best and strongest dancer you can be! APPLY TODAY! To register fill the application form. *Please Note-all our dancers have to have a go ahead from a doctor before joining the program. We do not encourage pushing an injury, we encourage in believing that a dancer can heal through training. #Fspa #fulltimediplomaprogram #danceducation #professionaldancers #dance #dancer #danceindustry #danceindia #dancemumbai #fspa #performingarts #danceindia #dancemumbai #professionaldance #fulltimediplomaprogram #danceducation #dance #dancersofindia #dancersofinstagram #jazz #ballet #contemporary #yoga #hiphop #salsa #bollywood #movement #pilates #diploma #choreography
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