Vortechs Innovations

Internet Company

Vortechs Innovations is an emerging start-up with eyes set on becoming number one social media service and web service provider.

Vortechs Innovation: Taking care of your business professionally

Our vision is to make business easier for everyone with solutions from marketing strategies to website and application development and to be the one-stop place for entrepreneurs and existing businesses alike, for their desired solutions.

Vortechs Innovation focuses on single policy of – quality over quantity. We have to offer limited but great services:

•Web Development - “Catering your needs”

•Web Design - “Inspiring Visually”

•UI/UX Design - “Because users matter”

• Facebook Application Development: -Why leave the billions out of reach?-

• Mobile Application Development: - Giving you a new dimension.. That is what Vortechs Innovation does

• Search Engine Optimization: -Seen by engines, liked by people! That is what you deserve to be

• Web Hosting and Website Maintenance: -We do not forget you!-

•Branding - “Turning products into brands”

•Online Marketing -“making you reachable”
Social Media Management (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pintrest, Google+, etc)

•Event-based Marketing Pre–Event Based Marketing:(Website Development, Media approach, Onfield Promotion, Photography)

•Event-Day Based Marketing:(Social Media Trend development & Maintenance, photography, interactive development)

•Post-Event Based Marketing:(Photo/Video compilation and uploading,Hype maintenance) Community Work