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Join me on my Holistic Health Coaching Journey! I believe prevention is the key to living a well balanced life!


Hi my name is Shanti! I have been a Med-Tech in IL for 10yrs. I have seen the way hospitals "treat" patients. I believe that prevention is the key! My life has never been easy, a lot of up hill battles. I felt lost, frustrated and coasting through the last 6yrs. I knew I needed to find my life's purpose! After a family trip to India (2016) I found some clarity! When I returned to the states, I signed up for the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. It was the best decision of my life! I started living IIN's mantra daily. I am now certified Reiki Master; learning about essential oils, Young Living distributor and taking classes at the local holistic store. I plan to help clients achieve their goals, through hard work, an open mind and dedication. I am confident I can guide them to their higher being.

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3 years ago