Knotty Knickers

Clothing (Brand)

Your cutest, most affordable panty subscription.
Join the Knotty World for high quality panties shipped to your door starting from $3.99 per month.

GIRL, PLEASE. Everything in life is messy, but your underwear subscription doesn’t have to be. Don’t get your knickers in a knot, save your time and money by having a luxurious panty shipped to your door – hassle free.

Listen ladies, we understand that life is already hard enough for us. When life gives you lemons, you put on a cute pair of panties and handle your business. Knotty Knickers is here to keep you fierce and flawless. Indulge in a long-term treat for yourself to lessen the impact! Enjoy a package of Knotty underwear delivered to your doorstep however frequently or infrequently, as you like. Our unique designs are something that you will not find at your local panty palace, but one’s that will represent the woman that you are….on your frilly days, on your flirty days, on your “omg not today!” days and your “I am not getting out of bed!” days. We’ve got knickers for all of your Knotty Kneeds.
Our fabrics are carefully designed to hug every inch of your body and give your skin the care it deserves. Our fabrics consist mainly on cotton, polyester and spandex. Our ever-growing list of styles consist of: hipsters, bikinis, cheekies, thongs and g-strings. You can select one specific style per month or a mix! Embrace the girl that you are, #KnottyGirl ! As a company, we are ALWAYS open to styles you think we should carry or fabrics you’d like to see! Please visit our “Contact Us” page to find out how your Knotty self can make an impact!

Our company is a Canadian-based company that currently only ships within US and Canada. We are a fast-growing company that vows to love and respect all of our #KnottyGirls

1 year ago