Middle Eastern Students' Association

Community Organization

Welcome to the Middle Eastern Students' Association at York University. We are a cultural non-profit organization lead by a group of YorkU students.

York university has one of the most densely populated Middle eastern student populations in Canada and in fact has the largest university Middle Eastern population in Canada.

MESA is a student run not-for-profit organization, comprised of progressive and enthusiastic volunteers; motivated by the idea of creating positive changes within their community. MESA strongly believes that the unity of the Middle Eastern community is crucial to our development and growth in Canada.

The Middle Eastern Student’s Association of York University provides students with the opportunity to express their love for their culture- both Middle Eastern and Canadian- and work towards maintaining a harmonious environment. Through the execution of a variety of exemplary events, our dedicated team aims to achieve these goals for our students, while also honouring our responsibility to our community. MESA takes seriously the betterment of its community, and for this reason believes wholeheartedly that our success is a testament of our community’s collective success; and we have already gone a long way in achieving this goal.

MESA is proud to say that after only one year of operation, it has become the largest and fastest growing club at York University, and has already expanded to the University of Toronto, Mississauga.

Become a part of our growing movement. Help us achieve unity, develop our community and have fun in the process!