God Will Provide Idaho

Religious Organization

Church service hours:
Tuesday 7:00pm Prayer Service and Teen program
Friday 7:00pm Youth Service
Sunday 1:30 pm Worship Service.

All are welcome!

God Will Provide International Mission is a non-profit organization, which was established in 2004 for the purpose of spreading the Gospel throughout the world. Moved by a burning desire to testify to people about Jesus Christ, we have reached out to many different countries, sharing the Good News of One who died for the sins of this world. What originally began as a small circle of daring hearts with big dreams and an even bigger vision has grown into an international support system, fueled by faith and perseverance.

In 2005, the city of Boring, in the state of Oregon, became home to a Christ-based rehabilitation center for men, followed by a rehabilitation center for women, which opened in 2009. God Will Provide International Mission functions as a network through which we connect with people overcome with drug and alcohol addictions, as well as related physical or spiritual struggles. Many have become revived and gained a new life as a result of this ministry; consequently reaching out to help others still tangled in the addictions.

However, God did not commission us to rest; in 2006, He called us to develop a new project in a northeast India precinct. A decision was made to build a mission base in the region to serve as an orphanage for abandoned children, a hosting point for traveling missionaries, as well as a church for the local Christians. Three years later, via a miraculous intervention, a shipping container full of construction material, clothing, food and other provision, arrived safe and sound, boosting the project. Currently, with construction near completion, what once seemed impossible has become a reality, and will be a turning point for many Indians. Plans are being shaped to open the doors to orphans in 2011 for housing acceptance and enrollment into school.

Yet God has not stopped there either! In spring of 2010, a call arose for Africa. God has directed us to Mozambique, a country located in southeast Africa, where a new mission base is currently being developed in the village of Casua. During an extraordinary trip to the land, missionaries of God Will Provide collaborated with an African pastor to feed the hungry villagers, after which they established a church of several hundred new believers in Casua. Plans are unfolding to build an orphanage for parentless children in the village, as well as a meeting facility for the recently formed congregation, marking a new field, a new project, and many new hurdles to overcome.

God Will Provide International Mission is a community of those who sincerely love the Lord and people for whom Jesus sacrificed Himself on the Cross. We pray for God to persevere us as live vessels in His hands, through which the Gospel may be carried to the ends of the earth.