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Guy Leech "Australia's number one fitness guy"
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When you win the first professional Ironman Championship ever staged – the Coolangatta Gold – at the age of 19, the only way to go is up. Since that day in 1984, Guy Leech has gone on to win countless competitions across swimming, paddling, marathon events and prestigious Ironman competitions – earning him the title of ‘the fittest man on the planet’.
But he’s not just Australia’s number one fitness guy, he’s also a regular guy.


Guy is all about a fitter and healthier community and Club Leechy encourages just that.

Simply buy any equipment from the Guy Leech Fitness range and enter your purchase details online and you can consider yourself part of the club. As a Club Leechy member you get exclusive access to health and fitness articles, videos, training tips and fitness programs written by Guy himself to help you reach your goals.


Being coached by Australia’s number one fitness guy is something to get excited about! Add the picturesque Sydney Harbour to the mix and you’ll find the Guy Leech Paddle Fitness sessions a brilliant way to improve your fitness while having fun.

Safe, social and challenging, Guy’s paddle sessions are open to all fitness levels and have a group to suit everyone.


There’s no better way to view a training tip, get motivated by Leechy or simply tune into the latest Leechy news than through our exclusive online videos. Check out this online video gallery and feel free to share your favourite videos with your friends.


Guy is proud to be associated with an outstanding range of partners from both the corporate and local business sector. Each of these partners shares Guy’s passion for fitness, health and wellbeing, and prove it through their involvement with a number of great community and sponsorship initiatives.



He’s trained celebrities including Madonna and has excelled at every event he’s entered over a 30-year career, but there’s more to Guy Leech than impressive accolades.

As one of Australia’s foremost advocates for a fitter nation, Guy is passionate about the challenges of childhood obesity, heart disease and community-focused fitness. His profile as a radio and television personality has led to the development of Guy’s personally-branded fitness equipment range and the launch of the Guy Leech Fitness brand.

When he’s not running or swimming, you can find Guy leading his open-to-the-public paddling squad on Sydney Harbour, breaking Guinness Book of Records goals with community fitness challenges, or changing peoples’ lives with his personally devised online fitness training program Club Leechy, available here [insert link]


Setting goals is a great way to aim for a fitter, healthier you. But it’s important to have fun along the way. That’s the approach Guy has taken throughout his career and continues to practice today. Check out these incredible achievements:

• 1983 Australian Marathon Swimming Champion
• 1984 Coolangatta Gold Ironman (43km) – 1st
• 1985 Coolangatta Gold Ironman (43km) – 1st
• 1986 Inaugural Winner of the Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain Ironman
• 1988 World Ironman Champion – Vancouver Canada
• 1989 Inaugaral Uncle Toby’s Ironman Champion
• 1989 Coolangatta Gold Ironman – 1st
• 1991 World Ocean Surf Ski Champion – Molakai Hawaii
• 1994 Avon Descent Paddling Champion WA (130km)
• Seven Times Winner of the Uncle Toby’s Ironman Series
• Represented Australia in Surf Lifesaving, Marathon Swimming and Stillwater swimming.


“Good health begins with the right mindset. That’s the one approach that has always remained with me throughout my career. And sure, working hard when training is important, but it’s also vital to never over-train or work yourself beyond your limits – that’s just not healthy.

“While training is a big part of getting fit and maintaining good health, we shouldn’t forget other key essentials such as a good balanced diet, adequate hydration, getting plenty of rest and avoiding stress.

“If you think healthy, you’ll start acting that way and a better, fitter and happier you is suddenly within reach.”


“I love the idea of communities coming together to get fit. It not only benefits our health, it’s also a fantastic way to socialise.

“I’m proud to have worked alongside local communities in Manly to beat the World Record for the Biggest Fitness Circuit – a sensational event we recently held on Manly beach with help from our friends at Bupa, raising much needed funds for the Bear Cottage charity.
Watch the video here [insert link]

“We’ve also set a brand new World Record, this time for staging the world’s biggest (and first) resistance band class, and supported Melanoma March along the way. You can see for yourself here [insert link].

“Everyone knows how much I enjoy holding my Guy Leech Paddle Fitness sessions on Sydney Harbour. Last year my paddle community and I got together and held the Kayak for Kids challenge that raised over $200,000 for kids with disabilities. Check out what my paddling buddies
Senator Matt Thistlewaite & Andrew Constance, Minister for Ageing & Disabilities in Australia had to say about the event. [insert link]

“Each of these events is an inspiring example of what we can achieve when we approach fitness and health together.”



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“I love engaging with people, Whether it’s through motivational speaking engagements, guidance through my online fitness program or inviting you to join me for a kayak paddle on stunning Harbour.”


As a high achiever, Guy is regularly invited to corporate speaking engagements, motivational seminars and high performance events where he shares the challenges, struggles and triumphs of his own journey with audiences. Why not invite Guy along to your next event or even engage him to create fun team building experiences for your staff.


As part of his commitment to a healthier Australia, Guy has devised and customised a series of unique training programs that can be undertaken online. Titled, First Step, Next Step and Step Up, these dynamic online training programs are designed to keep you motivated, on track and getting results. Unleash your true potential with Guy’s help, online today.


The only thing better than paddling across the iconic Sydney Harbour is having an Ironman legend coaching you through it.

Over the past eight years The Guy Leech Paddle Fitness sessions have been encouraging people of all fitness levels to enjoy a great fitness workout by paddling with a fantastic group of people on kayaks and surf skis.

Meeting three mornings a week and featuring mixed paddle groups, women’s-only groups and surf ski sessions for those who have their own craft, Guy’s paddle sessions are an unbeatable way to get out among the great outdoors while challenging yourself with a great fitness routine.

• Time - 6.30am - 7.30am.
• Monday - Manly Harbour (Oceanworld end of the beach).
• Wednesday - Balmoral Beach (next to Balmoral Baths).
• Thursday - Shelley Beach, Manly (in the carpark). For more experienced paddlers
• $25 per session / Paddle Cards available - $200 + GST for 10 sessions.

Register online here [insert link]



“ I couldn’t be more proud of the partners who have chose to support me and the work I do both professionally and with local communities. We share a combined passion for health and fitness and together I know we can inspire Australian’s to embrace healthier lifestyles.”



“I’ve had some amazing opportunities to be involved with inspiring community events and to share my fitness tips with people just like you. It’s all captured on video and is yours to share, so please enjoy!”