Kashmir Crown

Broadcasting & Media Production Company

Kashmir Crown is a weekly newspaper of J&K based on the real principles of journalism. We as media group aspire to raise our voice for the change.

Kashmir Crown OVERVIEW.

Kashmir Crown is a weekly newspaper and the fast growing multimedia cum digital venture of Kashmir Crown Media Group in Jammu and Kashmir. Kashmir Crown website is among the fastest growing Web / Mobile based networks with latest features . Kashmir Crown has led the digital revolution in Jammu and Kashmir and has emerged as state's foremost web entity, running diverse portals and websites.
As per survey,Kashmir Crown reaches lakhs of visitors.
In addition, we are also helping global organizations keen to expand their reach in Jammu and Kashmir using our online media platforms.
Kashmir Crown stands independent advocates Journalism for change.
The Kashmir Crown is a strong leader in the field of Journalism , as well as an emerging leader in all other forms of media, including Newspaper, online media, web and more.
The Group's key brand include Kashmir Crown , the JK's fast growing English weekly.