The Official Fan Page of Russ Meyeresque Girls and Guns Action Comedy CODENAME DIABLO!

Starring Lilly_4K, Mary Madison Love and Martina Big as a trio of female secret agents out to stop an ultra sadistic villainess and her all in latex S.C.U.B.A Squad frogmen agents take over the world with the stolen Diablo Death Ray Gun.
She,the evil Contessa Del’Oro, will stop at nothing to achieve her desire for world domination ,eliminating anyone and everyone who gets in her way.
Enter our three female spies from O.M.E.G.A (Operational ,Multi ,Espionage, Girl ,Army) .

Skilled in martial arts and warfare all 3 girls know how to take out bad guy after bad guy with bullets,bombs and the craziest,wackiest gadgets.

But will they be in time to stop The Contessa achieving her plans?

This high octane ,Girls and Guns action comedy simply out Russ Meyers Russ Meyer .

It's Russ Meyer meets Andy Sidaris meets Austin Powers meets 60s/70s James Bond with those other tongue in cheek Vintage 60s spy spoofs like Dean Martin as Matt Helm and James Coburn in In Like Flint .Add in a topping of Charlie's Angels and Wily Coyote and Roadrunner cartoon comedy and you have CODENAME DIABLO!