Festival "7 veličanstvenih" / Magnificent 7 Festival


Magnificent 7 Film Festival brings Belgrade audiences a selection of 7 of the best European feature documentary films, and their authors.

Created in 2005, under the banner of “NEW EUROPEAN CINEMA”, the MAGNIFICENT 7 brings Belgrade audiences a selection of 7 of the best European feature documentary films which are currently showing at prestigious festivals, or are being screened in European cinemas.

"We wanted to create a festival that would show the exceptional achievements of modern European documentary cinema.

We wanted to create a festival that would show to audiences that documentary film is an extraordinary experience when viewed in cinemas.

We wanted to create a festival in which each film would have the greatest possible attention of the audience and the media.

We wanted to create a festival which would be more than the simple watching of film but a communication with films and authors, an exchange of ideas.

We wanted to create a festival which would bring Europe to Belgrade, but also a festival which would present Belgrade to Europe."

Svetlana and Zoran Popović
Festival directors

A high selection criteria and focus on landmark films are related to the festival's main goal - to give documentary film the glamour which usually accompanies only feature films. The limited number of screenings adds exclusivity to each film, and gives it the greatest possible attention.

One of the basic concepts of the festival, and a unique aspect that has separated it from the rest, is the participation of the filmmakers. The intention is to promote important European authors - some of them established names, stars of documentary filmmaking, the others - young authors making their first, impressive steps at festivals worldwide.

Each screening is followed by a discussion between the author and the audience. Each film opens a conversation on ethical and aesthetic issues, during which the audience learns more both about the topic, and new trends in European cinema.

Tue Steen Müller
Worked with short and documentary films for more than 20 years at the Danish Film Board - as press secretary, head of distribution and information and as commissioning editor. Wrote numerous articles for national and international newspapers and magazines. National and international consultancy work. Co-founder of Balticum Film & TV Festival, Filmkontakt Nord and Documentary, the EU Media Office for Creative Documentaries. Travelled to all European short and documentary festivals, often to be seated as a member of the jury. Initiator of European Documentary Network, EDN in 1996 and its first director until 2005. In 2004 awarded the Danish Roos Prize for his contribution to the Danish and European documentary culture. He has given documentary courses and seminars in about 40 countries. Head of Studies at the European training programme Ex Oriente 2003-2009. Freelance consultant and teacher since 2006. Selector and consultant for the festivals DOCS Barcelona, DOK Leipzig, Magnificent 7 and DoxBox in Damascus. Teacher at the film school Zelig in Bolzano, Italy. Head of Pitching at DOCS Barcelona from 2010. Tutor at other training programmes like Archidoc, Zagreb DOXPro, DocuRegio and Documentary Campus. Writes at www.filmkommentaren.dk.

Masterclasses for young film talents and film students have the goal of promoting and supporting the development of creative documentary filmmaking in Serbia. The day after a screening, each guest/author holds a masterclass in which they lay out their approach to making documentary films.

The festival gathers young documentary filmmakers from Serbia and the region, helping them to network and create a strong documentary scene - a generation of filmmakers which will represent the future of Serbian documentary film, and which, thanks to the festival, will have strong links to European authors and producers.

MAGNIFICENT 7 is organized in the co-operation of the Center for Visual Communication “KVADRAT” www.kvadrat-film.com and the Belgrade Sava Center.