Blister 13.0


Blister 13.0

I got the sound,
music for the people,
people like us.

BLISTER 13.0 is the project of Julio Tomé Garfield, Producer, DJ, Remixer and


MANAGEMENT & BOOKING /// [email protected]


Dimitri Kechagias review: It's always such a big pleasure to write some words about the brand new work of such a gifted person like Blister 13.0 from the beloved Spain. His tracks are totally breath of fresh air in a scene saturated by copycats and ghost producers in order to reach the top the quickest possible. His compositions for me is what electronic dance music should be about rather than targeting the lowest denominator with huge drops that masses seems to appreciate. His brand new track is called Sin Ojos and will impress your ears, mind, body and soul with it's exceptional futuristic soundscapes and advanced design techniques that certainly young producers should study carefully and learn some things from his tracks. Sin Ojos is not easy to categorise but will certainly work like a treat within trance and progressive house sets that the djs has as a goal to take the audience for a nice journey. Mind tripping synths, pulsating beats, deep basslines, psy trance influences and most importantly the way he manage to organise his sound layers in order to make you feel that you are surrounded from the sounds and you are part of this spacey adventure that you have a lot to experience. Sin Ojos is a piece of art and should be regarded as that. Cormac Murphy manage to escape the decisive impact that the original mix has to the listener and he builds his deep progressive meets tech house version that focuses more on the drum beats and the basslines and less on the melodic side. Last but not least the psy trance fans will be very happy to see the very talented Oliver Prime on board who transforms the original into a powerful psy trancer with spacey sound design, dominating basslines, techy drum beats and infectious synths that seems to be able to crawl under your skin and give you shivers all over your body! Nearly 9.00 minutes of intense old school psy trance pleasures. Excellent package again on Molecule. #PureGold Love IT