Gazi Tyres

Automotive Manufacturer

Gazi Tyres is the oldest Manufacturer and Distributor of Tyres for Commercial and Non-commercial Vehicles in Bangladesh.

Gazi Tyre manufacture the finest Tyres known for their smooth and secure grip on roads of Bangladesh. It manufactures high-performance Tyres for wide variety of vehicles in Different Regions of Bangladesh.

The Companies manufacture wide range of Tyres & Tubes for Private and Public Sector(s). HCV (Heavy Commercial Vehicles like Truck & Bus) Tyres, LCV (Light Commercial Vehicle like Mini Bus, Micro Bus, Coaster, Pick Up Van, Delivery Van, Mini Truck, Human Hauler) Tyres, Auto Rickshaw (Three Wheelers) Tyres, Motor Cycle Tyres, Agriculture (Farm Vehicle , Tractor & Trailer) Tyres, Rickshaw & Bicycle Tyres, Butyl and Natural Automotive Tubes, Rickshaw & Bicycle Tubes are popular among the Users.
With the engagement of highly qualified and experienced professionals in Engineering, Production, Marketing and Competent After-Sales-Support Team, the companies have been serving different requirements of their various Consumer Segments and Business Houses of Bangladesh.

Gazi Tyres and Gazi Auto Tyres are intensely committed to accomplish Consumers' demand and the companies respect Consumers' desire and taste. Considering the Importance of Safety & Security of the Consumers, the companies always bring in the latest technologies in the Manufacturing Process. Building relationship with the Owners and Users are helping us to comply with the unique require-ment of the Owners and Users in today's competitive market.

We take the pride of being the leading Manufacturer of Tyres in the Country while we compete equally against the Imported Tyres and at the same time we thank our Dealers, Consumers, and other Stakeholders for our Success in the Making. As local Manufacturers, we feel proud to be associated with the progression of the Nation.