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The Playboy Bunny and her distinctive costume represent one of the world’s most recognizable company symbols - an image that speaks of the good life, fun, excitement, beauty and charm.

The Bunnies are the creation of Hugh M. Hefner, Playboy’s Founder and Editor-in-Chief. They and their costumes were born in the service of Chicago’s immensely popular Playboy Club in 1960, where the satin outfits were worn by the women who served food and drink. As the Playboy Clubs grew in number, so did the number of Bunnies and support staff who worked with them.

Over the years, more than 25,000 Bunnies were employed in the clubs worldwide. Many went on to successful careers in entertainment, business, science, law and the arts. Bunnies took a six-week training course, and were held to precise standards of dress, grooming and service.

Playboy Thailand continues the grand tradition with the Bunnies as our official Brand Ambassadors, representing us at events, parties, and meetings. A new group are chosen each year and show the playful, sexy, and variety of beautiful women that are part of the Playboy Lifestyle.