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Take some time our for yourself, breathe in the beautiful aromas and relax.

I offer a range of treatments that will work on your body, mind and soul and will leave you feeling refreshed, relaxed and ready for the day/night.

My services include body massage, fertility massage, reiki, crystal healing or put together your own package with massage and healing.

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What an absolute pleasure being invited to present about fertility, stress & your cycles @flourishcentreperth today for the Woman's Wellness Showcase. Walking into the @flourishcentreperth Is like coming home. The place is filled with pink decor (my fav) you are greeted by the most beautiful, kind hearted women & lots of hugs (which I love). It's so welcoming & the warmth that fills your body is delightful, so it was a real honour to be there today. We had some pretty awesome presenters @rowenahateley spoke about the mind-body connection which I am all for & it really needs to be educated to people how unresolved emotions manifest into dis-ease in the body. Rowena has such a calm & natural way of speaking to a crowd she is so inspiring & once she starts your hooked - loved hearing her presentation. Rowena has the flourish cards that I use at my retreats, I just love them they are so spot on. Kerryn @westcoastwellness_wa was all about the food (love food!). How your food story begins, mindful eating, how we can feel shame around food and comfort eat and some great stories on ice cream which had us all in fits of laughter - Kerryn was brilliant and she has some amazing classes coming up on food & your story with food so check her out. What a day, with all the different therapies under one roof, I received reiki healing from Gail @chakraharmonyreikiperth which was so good that I came off the table so relaxed in only 10 mins & got a freebie beauty pack from Sarah @aveen.radiant.beauty which was awesome (love a gift). Then bought a dress from @once.upon.a.style.clothing the shop that is at Flourish plus ate yummy food for lunch. So feeling truly blessed now, home with my family after a terrific day with some awesome ladies. Thankyou to the beauties who came along & enjoyed a day for themselves (bit of self love). Looking forward to being back @theflourishcentre again soon. #women #flourish #stress #fertility #menstruation #emotions #food #comforteating #icecream #kinesiology #reflexology #reiki #healing #fertilitysupport #fertilityjourney #fertilitymassage #connection #menstrualseasons #lovewhatido #guidance #intuition #holistic #wellness #edwinataylor
8 months ago
So excited to be launching The Fertility Support Program for women trying to conceive. If you have been struggling to conceive you would know that it takes it's toll on you emotionally. The ups and downs each month have a massive impact on your self esteem and wellbeing and you can feel like you are carrying the burdens of the world on your shoulders. No one understands what you are going through, even your partner and you feel alone. Edwina has created the fertility support program to bring women together that are in similar positions, to help release the emotions that are being held in the womb (where you are trying to create and fall pregnant) and allow yourself to be heard in a safe and supported environment. When you approach fertility both physically and emotionally, you feel so much lighter and feel as though you can handle anything. Edwina creates a space that enables women to open up and allow themselves to feel safe, nurtured and supported while they connect back to their womb’s and allow healing to take place. She has helped hundreds of women which have gone on to fall pregnant with extensive experience and knowledge in women's health and fertility, she is passionate about helping women to connect and have success in falling pregnant. Within this 6 week course, Edwina will be there to guide and support you each week on your fertility journey and will cover topics such as stress, anxiety, over thinking, miscarriage, healing relationships, self esteem, self care, understanding the menstrual cycle and letting go. Keeping the group limited to only 8 places so Edwina can connect with every womb that attends and cn be there for support. Starting Wednesday 21st March 7pm to 9pm @flourishcentre 32 Cedric St Stirling To book in or learn more, contact Edwina at www.edwinataylor.com.au/the-fertility-support-program #fertility #fertilitymassage #fertilityjourney #fertilitysupport #fertilitysuccess #ivf #iui #ivfsuccess #fertilitymiracles #tryingtoconceive #pcos #endometriosis #infertility #infertilityhope #infertilitysuccess #yoga #yogaposes #yigaeverydamday #edwinataylor #fertilitypractitioner #fertilityclinic #emotionalguidance #women #perth
11 months ago
I think you need a day for you ❀ Sunday 18th February 11.45pm to 2.35pm @twistingpeacockyoga Take time out and come along to this retreat where you can let go of the outside world and come back to you, healing what you need to improve your health and wellbeing. When we honour ourself and our cycles we can finally be at peace with our period so come along and learn how to use your cycle to your advantage. We will be learning about hormone health how you can improve your wellbeing for fertility, miscarriage, PCOS, endometriosis, irregular cycles, painful and heavy bleeds, exhaustion, period pain, pms, irritability and digestive complaints with self massage. Learning how to honour your cycle to be more in tune with your body, what you can and cant do in certain weeks, when to push yourself and when to close off and go within. Most of the time we just push through life and wonder why we are so exhausted so take this time to learn how to adapt and change for a healthier lifestyle by learning how to honour your body. Working through the emotional responses during your cycle and how to recognise and be kind to yourself instead of listening to the inner critic telling you otherwise. Afternoon tea and refreshments are included, bookings can be made now through http://www.edwinataylor.com.au/kick-start-your-hormones/ Start your 2018 off to a good year of health and wellbeing. #period #menstrualcycle #hormones #fertility #infertility #pcos #endometriosis #miscarriage #menstrualseasons, hormoneimbalance #health #mentalhealth #ivf #medicinewheel #womb #healing #perthwa #edwinataylor #fertilitymassagepractitioner #fertilitysuccess #babymaker #mooncycle #womenshealth
12 months ago