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This is an open door policy freedom of speech page for Atheist to debate, and discuss Atheist ideas regarding religion and politics.

This is an open door policy freedom of speech page for Atheist to discuss Atheist ideas and debate their merits.

AQOTD's "Ten Suggestions" (we don't presume to command):

1.) We are the AQOTD, thine page. Ye may have other pages besides us, but we shall always strive to be thy favorite.

2.)When responding in an AQOTD contest, one shall be the number of the posting, and the number of the posting shall be one. Two shalt thou not post, neither shalt thou post zero, excepting that thou then proceedeth to one.

3.)Debate not with thine fellow atheists in an AQOTD contest.

4.)Honor thine fellow atheists by voting freely and often on their responses.

5.)Thou shalt not plagiarize thine neighbors’ quotations, bear false witness against them in thine responses, nor pad thine scores with solicited endorsements.

6.)Thou shalt not take the English language in vain.

7.)Thou shalt not troll.

8.)Thou shalt not engage in hate speech against others, be they theists or atheists.

9.)Thou shalt not worship any graven image or imaginary deity.

10.)Remember the Sabbath, and keep it open for participation in AQOTD contests.

1st Admin is a vengeful master, and shall smite swiftly and savagely any who run afoul of these "suggested guidelines".

100,000 page member on AQOTD: Four years ago when this page had only a few hundred page likes I was told to give up on this page, and that I was out of my mind for thinking it would be successful. I was told that it was so incendiary, inflammatory and offensive that it would be reported removed by facebook before I had a few thousand members, So much for that foolish notion. When I started the page there were just a few other Atheist pages that focused on quotes including the original AQOTD that was banned from publishing content, most focused on the same tired overplayed quotes by the four horseman of Atheism. The admins of those pages would post the quote on it's own then felt the compulsive need to control every aspect of every conversation and debate on their page's threads. I saw there needed to be something different, something that spotlighted the emphasis on the page members and not the egos of facebook admins. I noticed that in those threads and debates that many of the Ideas presented by those page members were equally if not more brilliant than the quotes by those four horseman or other famous Atheists and free-thinkers that they were commenting on. With that idea I started AQOTD, a page that would present a quote with just a photo that related to the quote which I would use to mine for quotes made by members which I would present in the same format. It's not hard to imagine that I learned fast the pitfall of posting somebodies quote without permission, a few were less than happy about their ideas being spread all over facebook, Thus our Sunday Quote Competition was born where we came to you to contribute to this page where your ideas would be judged by peer review and voted on by page members rather than selected by some anonymous admin before having it presented on the page. We here at AQOTD in the past four years have had the pleasure of building up a lot of small very original pages, and have worked hard to get them their first thousand or so members. We don't do that often so we can keep the content and format of the page and the member experience as consistent as possible. Also in the life of this page I or my admins have never pleaded with other pages to Share our page just to boost the numbers. We don't want members to like the page just for the fact that it's another Atheist page, We want you here because you want to be here. We want you to choose AQOTD based on it's own merits. To those pages that have shared AQOTD in the past we thank you for so graciously doing so. Our page mission and our focus on our page members has not changed since the inception of the page, and that mission and focus will remain the same long into the future. We're deeply indebted to every page member for helping to make this page a success and we humbly thank you for your contributions and your loyalty to the page. Thank you all. Sincerely yours: ***1stAdmin***
5 years ago