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The Official page of the People's Television Network.

Being the Philippines' primary state media, it is the channel to turn to for vital information about the country, its people and its government.

Whether you live here, you're a Filipino living abroad, or simply looking to take your vacation or do business in the Philippines, PTV brings the low-down that could positively impact your life, or your stay.

Consistent with our corporate mission to be the primary source of information about the Philippines, PTV delivers news you can use. Our programming arms viewers with knowledge and information that can improve their quality of life, or entertain them in a way that imbues values that are transformative. In every program or story we air, we explore what people here believe in, how they express those beliefs and put it all in perspective; we strive to look at the ethical underpinnings in news events and in everyday life, and share them with our viewers.