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Stay Food Blessed !!

Hi, I am Sanjyot Keer and I bring to you Yourfoodlab.

YFL recipes are showcased in quick videos in and around a minute. This is where you’ll find a diverse collection of recipes that are healthy, cheesy, spicy, those that satisfy your sweet tooth and a whole lot more…we basically have recipes for every palette! Our recipes range from being fun and messy to fresh and bright, but ultimately, they are all yummm. I believe that you have a chef within and so, we at YFL endeavor to show you how to cook recipes that you have enjoyed at your local joints, fine dines at home in simple steps. To cater to your rather exquisite cravings, we create amazing lip smacking recipes at YFL.

For all you foodies, YFL will also review and list food places in Mumbai with their specialties that you just cannot miss. We will also tell you where to get any new ingredients we use that you may not be able to find at your local vendors.

Hoping to make life easier for you, we will also recommend ways in which you can save time by using your best friend - your freezer.
Various cuisines, vibrant cultures and people like you inspire YFL. I believe that food is our common religion.

Thanks for dropping by and stay food blessed!

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