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Baby Doll – Ragini MMS 2 Song Lyrics

Watch sexy SunnyLeone seduce you in BabyDoll song from Ragini Mms2 Sunny leone

After Jism 2, Sunny Leone thrilled the audience with her don’t-give-a-shit attitude and is all set to do that all over again with her latest film, Ragini MMS 2. With bold scenes depicting sex in the bedroom and in the shower to transforming into a possessed demon, Sunny Leone fares well in giving an eerily hot and visually appealing song video for Baby Doll.

In what looks like a Punjabi indie pop video, the unconventional voice of the female singer grows on you which has a crude banjara yet indie pop style while she sings the odd ltirics about how Sunny Leone is a baby doll of gold.

The beats are good and even without a remix with more trance music added, will make a good dance track in clubs and parties where people are a bit tipsy.

With semi-nude people lying on the floor and a bit of the exorcism angle added to the video with scenes shot on the floor but her body seemingly floating to the ceiling are good visual treats along with cages made of gold.

Ragini MMS2

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Baby Doll Ragini MMS2