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All post are meant to be taken lightly and in good humor. Please don't be offended; You wouldn't want to fall under the "Baptists dont have a sense of humor" stereotype now would you? :P

Hey guys and gals, are you looking to get your Bible study on? The Matthew Henry Commentary is one of our personal favorites! Here is what Charles H. Spurgeon said, "First among the mighty for general usefulness we are bound to mention the man whose name is a household word, Matthew Henry. He is most pious and pithy, sound and sensible, suggestive and sober, terse and trustworthy. You will find him to be glittering with metaphors, rich in analogies, overflowing with illustrations, superabundant in reflections. He delights in apposition and alliteration; he is ususally plain, quaint, and full of pith; he sees right through a text directly; apparently he is not critical, but he quietly gives the result of an accurate critical knowledge of the original fully up to the best critics of his time. He is not versed in the manners and customs of the East, for the Holy Land was not so accessible as in our day; but he is deeply spiritual, heavenly, and profitable; finding good matter in every text, and from all deducing most practical and judicious lessons. His is a kind of commentary to be placed where I saw it, in the old meeting-house at Chester--chained in the vestry for anybody and everybody to read. It is the poor man's commentary, the old Christian's companion, suitable to everybody, instructive to all." Get this Matthew Henry Commentary with Audio in the App Store TODAY! Click Here #JustLaunched #MatthewHenryCommentary 5,850 pages of verse by verse explanations of Scripture right at your fingerprints.
3 years ago