Cooper the Pooper

Public Figure

I am a 2lb Netherland Dwarf from Orlando, Florida.
I sometimes wear a crown, my friends call me King Cooper!

Instagram: @cooperthepooper

I was born in Oviedo, Florida on December 5, 2009. I currently live near Disney World.

I roam free at home but have a dedicated area with all my fun toys and a three story bachelor pad.

My mom has a hat collection for me, I sometimes allow her to put them on me. I'll amuse her from time to time by parading them around.

Through my insta and website, I like to teach others how to properly care for rabbits. We are very underestimated and sometimes taken advantage of since we are small and defenseless. Rabbits require a lot of care & attention, we are not a starter pet, we require lots of room to run around and jump in; we can't be kept in a cage all day. Just like any other pet, we require routine vet visits which can be pricey since we are considered to be "exotic" so make sure to do your research and find a knowledgeable veterinary.

We may be cute & cuddly, but we are delicate and require adult supervision!