• Full Name: Waseem
• Date of Birth: January 02, 1979
• Place of Birth: Moradabad ,Uttar Pradesh
• Nationality: Indian
• Current Residence: India
• Marital Status: Married
• Years In Bodybuilding: 15
• Personal Traits: Honest, Patient and Friendly
• Best Bodyparts: Legs, Back, Chest, Bicep
• Hobbies: Listening to music (hard rock and 80's), watching movies and reading.
• Favorite Diet Foods: Chicken and Rice
• Favorite Binge Out Foods: Pizza, Chinese food, cheesecake
Competitive Record
• 13 Times Mr.uttar pradesh (2002-2005) &(2012-2015)
• Mr India (karnataka) 2012IFBB Mr. Asia 1999
• Mr India (maharashtra) 2012
• Mr India (punjab) 2013
• Mr india (assam) 2014
Indian born professional bodybuilder, Waseem, has a physique that is sure to rock the pro bodybuilding world once it is unveiled onstage in 2002.
During 15-years of hardcore training, which has helped him to secure the 13 Times Mr.Up 2002 Overall and Mr. India Overall titles, Waseem has developed muscle size, quality and balance that holds its own against any man.
Waseem's dedicated training regimen has secured him a much admired physique, and the expertise to guide anyone toward the body of their dreams. In addition to being a pro bodybuilder, Waseem owns a high-profile gym, from which he teaches the correct training and dieting strategies that have helped him achieve pro status.
A man of many talents, Waseem also holds in Human Nutrition and Food Science and has plans to expand his gym complex into a chain of high quality training facilities across India.