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आमची पोहोच, तुमची ताकद | News18 Lokmat is one of the India’s leading news channel. Please visit our for latest opinions and detailed news coverage.

News18 India’s leading News Network, and the Lokmat Group, Maharashtra’s leading Newspaper group, present News18Lokmat (formerly- IBN-Lokmat ) - a 24-hour Marathi News and Current Affairs Channel. The legacy of these two renowned media powerhouses will give News18Lokmat a sense of immense credibility as well as access to a vast audience base. Going on air from April 6, News18Lokmat will be a world-class credible News channel for the highly aware and conscious ‘Progressive Marathi’.

Through its content, programming, state-of-the-art broadcast centre, extensive infrastructure and international production quality, news18Lokmat will embark on the principle of delivering news with the spirit of ‘Dhyas Janmansancha’ (Literally meaning, ‘Let’s conquer the World). As credible journalism empowers people it gives them the inner confidence to take control of their surroundings and bring about change. News18Lokmat seeks to do just that and more. With reporters in every district of Maharashtra, and access to national and global networks, News18Lokmat promises to become a bridge between Maharashtra and the wider world.