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Reliable Philippine Trending News. Hot Topics. Latest News. Updated Daily.

Page Guidelines

All of Facebook's Terms of Use shall apply, plus:

1. Have fun but be cordial. Derogatory remarks toward any individual, group, race, religion, or lewd remarks, links or images will get you banned permanently from this group, without warning. **This is strictly enforced**

2. It is normal that we have different views about many things. However, there is a difference between a healthy discussion and posting snide, irritating remarks that has no value towards the progress of the discussion. Therefore, a member who incessantly does the latter will be warned the first time, and immediately banned from the group the second time, without additional warning.

3. There is no preferred form of communication. Feel free to write in any language/dialect as long as the subject matter is relevant. However, most members speak and write Filipino and English. If you want to get your message across, then we recommend either Filipino or English. Note: To those who do not agree with this item number 3, and want a Filipino-only language group, please be informed that this group will remain multi-lingual, period.

4. Advertising non-profit causes are permitted. However, commercial advertisements are not allowed and will be deleted immediately.

5. This group is maintained by several administrators in their spare time. They are people like you, and deserve the same respect as any other member. They enforce the above rules and any decision they make is final.

6. We encourage members to post and participate, but please, limit 3 posts per person at one time (do not flood the wall). Also, please post properly - avoid text messaging lingo, jejemon, and the use of "ALL CAPITAL LETTERS", as this is generally viewed on the internet at yelling, or raising your voice.

These rules maybe changed from time to time at the sole discretion of the Page admin. We reserve this right.