Vanessa "V-Star" - Personal Trainer & Bikini Athlete


Miami's Badass Personal Trainer & Bikini Athlete

Only BADASSES Train With Me.
Can you handle the wrath of "V-Star"?

My name is Vanessa "V-Star" Marrero.
And, I promise I am NOT like any trainer you have ever had.... (ask my clients, haha/ testimonials on my website)

I am a NASM Personal Trainer for one-on-one sessions in Miami and South Florida. I also create Online Training Programs for beginners - advanced athletes.

I have been Training since 2010. An FIU Graduate with a Bachelor's in ADV and Marketing, Nutrition. I have worked for several supplement companies, as well as 2 years for Equinox Fitness as a Club Manager and Personal Trainer, where I worked with prestige clients with high expectations, goals, and schedules. I was also able to reach full time status as a Personal Trainer in record time of 60 days where I was then promoted to a higher level as a Trainer.

I am now an Independent Personal Trainer and Business Owner of EAM Training. Throughout my fitness career I have also been able to pursue Bodybuilding Bikini Competing, and extensive education on fitness, bodybuilding, nutrition, overall health management and mental coaching.

I am definitely a very ambitious person and I believe that anything you want can be yours if you are willing to work for it. Yes, including that dream body you are after. You want 6-pack abs? Let's make it happen. Once I was able to achieve my personal goals, it became the most self empowering experience that I now put forth into anything and everything I want to achieve. I want to show you just how much of a BADASS you are. Are you ready for that?

If you are finally ready to get in the best shape of your life and are up for my training challenge, or have any questions please email me at [email protected]

Check out my clients results on my website: