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Abba News, an independent and ecumenical online portal aimed to publicize the news and events of all churches to the Christian community. Amen

Abba News is a non-profitable organization that is headquartered in India and is recognized as one of most active cultural organization. We have always had the honour and privilege to organize events dedicated to the dissemination of Indian culture in the country and through it to carry out carried philanthropic activities.

Abba News was inaugurated on December 26th 2015 by by Most Rev. Gregorious Mar Stephanos Episcopa, Diocesan Bishop of the Kunnamkulam Malabar diocese, Mar Thoma Church, in the presence of Rev. Sam T. Koshy, Vicar Kuwait City Mar Thoma Church, Rev. Samji K. Sam – Vicar St. Peters CSI Church, Fr. Shaji P Joshua – Vicar St. Basil Indian Orthodox Church and Fr. Abey Paul - Vicar of St. George Universal Orthodox Reesh Church and incorporated with the vision of delivering up-to-date news, information, and commentaries relevant to Christians across denominational lines.

Abba News has quickly grown to become a leading online Malayalam Christian news publication, with continuous updates throughout the day - seven days a week. Through the website and online media, Abba News presents national and international coverage of current events affecting and involving Christian leaders, church bodies, ministries, mission agencies, schools, businesses, and the general Christian public.

As a pan-denominational Christian media source, Abba News Post views all Christ-centered denominations as equal constituents of the body of Christ and does not promote or demote any Christ-centered denomination and/or congregation.

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