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Attack On Titan Season 2 Will Include Brand-New Content From Creator

The past year has been a busy one for Araki Tetsuro. Thanks to Wit Studio, a brand-new season of Attack on Titan is slated to debut in a few months, and Tetsuro is the chief director behind the project. Alongside director Koizuka Masashi, the pair have been busy prepping Eren Yeager and the Survey Corps member for their long-awaited comeback. Now, Tetsuro is speaking out about Attack on Titan’s second season, and he dropped one massive piece of information that will get plenty of fans hyped.

In the most recent issue of Newtype, Tetsuro and Masashi sat down for an interview about Attack on Titan It was there that the former was asked about Hajime Isayama’s involvement with season two. As the creator of Attack on Titan, Isayama has stressed he would be more involved with its anime this time around. And, in an exciting revealed, Testuro said Isayama provided the anime’s team with brand-new content which didn’t fit into the manga.

Tetsuro said Isayama was involved in a “very comprehensive way - and even more involved than before!”

“Though it was already like this last season, this time there is a legitimate feeling of, “We’re creating this together.” There are portions he wasn’t able to include in the manga that he permitted us to incorporate into the anime adaptation. On top of that, there are also other new elements Isayama-sensei really wished to see that we could now fulfill!”

Of course, fans will be excited to see these new additions when Attack on Titan makes its comeback in April. Isayama’s manga is known for its fast pacing and narrative concision, so it looks like the anime will give fans more breathing room to witness fallout from all the characters’ losses and victories.


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