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ano bang nang yari? pasikat si ate haha kayo ba humusga masama nang matulog sa jeep ngayon eh ito caption nya SEXUAL HARASSMENT IS NOT ABOUT THE CLOTHES. IT'S ABOUT THOSE PEOPLE WHO CAN'T AFFORD TO CONTROL THEIR SEXUAL "INSTINCTS". Just recently, this June 28, I rode a jeep to Waltermart. The weather was hot and, fortunately, I was the second person in line. I sat near the jeepney's entrance because it's my comfortable spot. After two people got their turn after me, while the jeepney was still spacious, a guy sat beside me. It got me a little suspicious at first. Most especially, judging by his characteristics, he has a very long hair tied in a ponytail and a mask put on his mouth. BUT THEN AGAIN, I told to myself that I should stop all my hunches and stop stereotyping the guy. So I gave him the benefit of a doubt. I told myself that he might had just chosen to sit beside me because the jeepney was getting to be full anyway. Or he could really be a nice guy and I'm the one being rude for being too suspicious against him. HOWEVER, after a while, I began to become really really suspicious. He had a jacket wrapped on his arms, considering that it's VERY VERY HOT here in Manila. Then, I tried making possible reasons out of it again (just to stop myself from making hunches). I thought, he might need the jacket for his office, or for his trip to somewhere... or maybe it's something really sentimental to him UNTIL.... I caught his gestures underneath the jacket! I could see his hands moving underneath the jacket. I could see him looking at me from time to time while he's becoming really near to me. AGAIN, I STILL TRIED TO FIND A WAY TO BE REASONABLE. I thought to myself that he might just be really sleepy, or he's just reaching out for something in his bag. I tried to think all of the possible reasons there are for me to not panic, primarily, because I do not want to believe the fact that I am being sexually harassed. What really made me knew that the guy next to me is a pervert was when I completely caught his hand reaching out for my boobs! My reflex was very fast at that time but I told myself NOT TO SCREAM or JUST BE SILENT because I thought that I might just be hallucinating... and that was what the society has always taught me of... to be silent. But the guy was persistent. I caught his fingers, several times, attempting to get a touch of my boobs and my legs! IT WAS COMPLETELY TRAUMATIC. Remember those dreams you once had that you wanted to scream so loud because you're afraid but there's just no voice coming out from your mouth? That was my exact feeling. I felt weak and frozen. The only defense I had against the guy was putting my arms onto my boobs and putting my umbrella on my legs. Fortunately, I think he found it obvious that I knew what he was doing. After a few moments of him being a pervert, he got down from the jeep. I WAS RELIEVED FOR A SECOND, but the memory he left still stings me. I GOT NO PLANS TO POST THIS VIDEO BECAUSE I WANTED TO FORGET IT AS MUCH AS I COULD. ALL OF THOSE WHO KNEW ME KNOWS THAT I RARELY SHARE STORIES LIKE THIS BECAUSE I DONT WANNA BE REMINDED AS WEAK. A few seconds later, the guy sitting infront of me asked me, "HINIPUAN KA BA NIYA?" I felt the guy's sincerity. He was extremely worried and triggered by what he witnessed. By hearing those words, I began to know that I wasn't hallucinating, that I was really been sexually harassed. The guy came near to me and sat beside me. He told me that he had recorded a video (though the actual actions werent caught in the camera but im still thankful he got it). I was shocked because I never knew that even strangers could care as much as he did. Before he unloaded the jeepney, he told me that he'll message me the video, and here it was. Along with his short message, he told me that he's looking forward for me to share it. I felt the urge to post this because I knew how much other women like me are being silent and scared from voicing out of how much the world is unsafe because of perverts. Thank you Neljayson Antonio for the video! AND TO ALL THE GIRLS OUT THERE, NEVER BECOME SILENT ABOUT SEXUAL HARASSMENT. And to all the people there, please, if you notice someone trying to sexually harass a person, please help her to defend herself because most of the times the trauma prevents us from doing so. THOSE ACTIONS COULD REALLY HELP US ON BECOMING EMPOWERED. SA MGA NAKAKAKILALA PO SA KUYA NA ITO, PLEASE DO FIND A WAY TO REACH THIS POST TO HIS FAMILY NANG MATUTO. TO ALL THE GIRLS, MAG-IINGAT PO TAYO SA MGA MANYAK NA NAGKALAT. AND WHEN I SAY INGAT, IT'S NOT TO COVER YOURSELVES WITH CLOTHES, IT'S ABOUT MAKING YOURSELF BE EMPOWERED AND NOT BE SILENT WHEN EXPERIENCES LIKE THIS COME ON YOUR WAY. TAKE NOTE: Balot na balot na ako sa lagay na 'to ha! (Browse the last photo to see what I was wearing that time) PS. To all of those who kept victim blaming and commenting that it DOES NOT SEEM THE GUY DID ANYTHING WRONG, I have a few points that I would like to raise: Are first hand and second hand experiences not already the sole evidence for sexual harassment? Why keep on finding ways to materialize the "exact" event of harassment when it's already being told as it is? Can you not be sensitive about the trauma and confidence I need to undergo just to post this? Are the told experiences still not enough for us to not be alarmed of the intensifying number of sexual harassments? Again, THE MAN'S ACTION LEFT ME IN TRAUMA BC IT TRIGGERED A WAY WORSE EXPERIENCE I HAD that I wish to not disclose and are only known by few of my close friends! Why do many people always have to aim to see the actual footage of the harassment? that's superficial! Be more competent and aim to understand what sexual harassment does to the victims! And btw, why do we, women, need to keep justifying ourselves when we are IN FACT THE VICTIMS?? Also, to answer why it's not "TOO OBVIOUS": 1. The guy's hands were wrapped in the jacket 2. The video is not mine and was taken by a concerned citizen who witnessed what has happened so I DO NOT HAVE ANY CONTROL about the longevity of the video recorded 3. If only you have read the captions, then you would not be asking 4. This post does not force victim-blamers and idiots to understand the gravity of the situation #NoToSexualHarassment c) Lucila Grace Bernardino
7 months ago