The Return Of Jenifa


The Return Of Jenifa. This time, she crazier than you would expect.

The movie resolves the suspense that enveloped Jenifa’s ‘exploits. Jenifa is required to undergo HIV test that will enable her participate in a dancing competition, unsure of her status, Jenifa fled. There is a palpable silence as to the repercussion of Jenifa excesses, especially her HIV status.

She becomes her own antagonist by being evasive; dreading the determination of her HIV status. Attendant result is a withdrawal from the society she once ruled and so she relocated back to her village. She does not stop being her crazy self while in the village but in the end, she learns life is not about being a ‘Gbogbo Bigs Girls’ without values.

Funke Akindele shines once again in the most dramatic, captivating and thrilling delivery of The Return Of Jenifa. The film is a vindicated Funke Akindele aka Jenifa as she “went under the skin” to show human weaknesses, hope and above all, God’s providence.