Nusa Mahsuri

Sports Team

Nusa Mahsuri Badminton Club is the first professional badminton club in Malaysia headed by Sidek Brothers.

This organisation to identify, analyze and train potential players to become world class players.

This organisation has assited in this endevour by creating and implementing numerous which has been very fruitful.

To be an academic and professional centre from grooming badminton players, internationally recognized and also to resurrect Malaysian's image as one the leaders in Badminton.


Short Term
a) To improve current status of the clubs professonal players in world ranking.
b) Set up coaching clinic.
c) To formulate and implement various constructive programmes towards assisting selected especially government schools.

Long Term
a) To set up plan to improve badminton standard in Malaysia.
b) To el in all tournament.
c) To be to realize the existance of the academy hence creation of affiliates in other states.
d) To introduce magazines, books and video tapes to the market.