Clothing (Brand)

SIXEN- Collective art clothing "Focuses on bringing unique and original art designs for street wear".

SIXEN a clothing line that makes wearable art designs made by various artists together with their different approach on delivering designs.

Focusing on bringing hardcore art style with a fashionable look. We at SIXEN are serious and determined to produce quality art designs,each design is like a work of art that will surely get striking first impression.

Sixen collective art mission is making our shirts standout. you can be sure the artist of SIXEN is not only just designing. He puts his passion in every artwork he produce.We got our inspiration from hardcore themed culture,tattoo art,graffiti,and other street art styles. Ideas from this, creates a whole new meaning in wearable art.

Hardcore and fashionable look with unique and striking designs? SIXEN art clothing is the best in bringing you that wearable art into your collection...