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We are Royal Ace Subs, a subbing team from dedicated to sharing our love of 2NE1 globally. Be sure to "LIKE" us! <3 Projects Progress:

Founded: December 8, 2008

Royal Ace Subs (RAS) was once part of The YG Secret: 2NE1. With the merge of 2 of the most popular international forums of 2NE1 (YGSecret21 & YGLadies), RAS is now part of YGLadies. YGLadies is an international fanforum dedicated to the YG girl quartet - 2NE1. Even before 2NE1 officially debuted, many critics and fans were already excited for the possibilities that these four talented girls (CL, Bom, Minji and Dara) would unveil. Their debut kept getting delayed and possible members were added and dropped and the public was getting restless when 2NE1 exploded along side Big Bang in an LG cellphone commercial. Their featuring in the song 'Lollipop' was one of the first of many songs that would garner them over 20 awards in a short period of time.

The Royal Aces are a team of dedicated subbers who strive to help fans connect with 2NE1 through subtitling their videos so that fans and spectators can see how hardworking, fun and down-to-earth these girls really are. Through their quality subs, they hope to keep fans enthralled and create new ones.

Release days are set up so that YGLadies donors get to download hardsubbed videos 2 days ahead of regular members.

Projects in the works:
RAS Email: [email protected]

Royal Ace Subs is a non-profit sub team that provides subtitles for FREE! We do this for free in our own free time to help International fans understand 2NE1. Our subs are NOT FOR SALE! But you can get them for free by visiting our website at

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