Imran Pratapgarhi

Public Figure

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Renowned Indian Urdu and Hindi Poet - IMRAN PRATAPGARHI

Source of inspiration for the youth revolutionary poet and poet who, along with India, US, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Pakistan and various European countries have been populated gatherings.

Imran Pratapgarhi's passion for creativity was his biggest asset which gave him hope and direction to follow his heart. His sharp wit and immense love for urdu and hindi poetry become evident when he was in grade five and stared writing poetry. Believes in Enjoying his Life without comparing it with Other’s.

His power packed speeches have won him accolades everywhere.
Mr Imran pratapgarhi has been felicitated with numerous honors in his career.

Pratapgarhi, through his poems on the one hand to poke sharp socio-political distortions , on the other hand , country- love , brotherhood and religious - social harmony fragrance broke .

"चलती बन्दूक के हम दहाने पे हैं,
हमको मालूम है हम निशाने पे हैं।"