Hmong Talk


Want advice or want to share a story, but want to remain anonymous? email me at [email protected] or here


This page will now be re-open for any advice or any discussions that you may have about the hmong community. Feel free to message me on here to share your post . ALL post that are sent to us will be posted anonymously.

This is a first come first serve page. We have people sending us post daily. It may take 1-7 days to get to your post . We will notified you when your post will be posted up. *** We will be starting clean so if you had submitted something this passed week then your post will be shared. If its beyond that then we are sorry your post will have to be submitted again.
We do allow promotions. In order for us to post your ad you must email or message us and put "Promote" as subject or else we will think you are an anonymous writer and not get to you in time. Then it would be to late to post.
Post that I would not post :
- If I can't understand it I won't post it up.
- If theres to much grammar error and we don't have time to correct it your post will not be posted up.
- Everything will be kept anonymously. We do not wish to promote bullying on this page. Example: Screen shots of facebook messages/numbers/facebook page will not be prohibited.
Hmong World Star and Hmong Advice and Stories will be combining pages. These two pages will be combined and will be called "Hmong Talk" from now on. All the videos from Hmong World Stars will be slowly added to this page and the page will be deleted in the weeks to come.
Some friendly reminders:
- I dont mean to offend anyone on this page. 99% of the stories here on this page are not mine. ALL pictures are not mine. All the news that I post up are not mine. I do provide links to the news or stuff that I post up. If any of the thing that I post up is yours, or is about someone you know and want me to delete it, just simply ask and I will do it. I don't like having drama of my own.
- Email me at @ [email protected] if you want to submit a story or Q.
-Remember before you submit a story or Q, there will always be haters so if you want something posted, expect some trolls.
-First come, first serve/post. It would take about a week to post up your story due to many stories/q before you.
- If you think that some of these stories are "fake" or boring then just simply skip it. No one is here to force you guys to read it. I would say don't post rude comments but no one listens anyways.
- Why don't I delete the rude comments? Because I don't have time going through every story/q and deleting stuff. Plus whats a fun page without some trolls/haters. (; Plus, sometimes some of those rude comments are reality advice.
Anyways excuse my grammar. xD.
- I really hate banning people from this page. I mean what's the fun without a couple of trolls? But then when I constantly see you cussing and putting someone's story down on almost every single post, I am sorry but I am going to ban you.
- I don't mean to put other pages down but I am no longer going to help promote the Hmong pages such as "Hmong Hoes" "Hmong Homewreckers" or any pages like that out. Although I have respect for other Hmong pages, I do not want to promote cyberbullying especially when it's my own people.
- People that sends me stories please make sure your story make sense. If I haven't post up your stories in more then 2 weeks (i post first come first serve and theres a lot of stories) then maybe it's because I can't read it or understand it.