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Business hours: 8:30am – 5pm EST, weekdays

MR.SUB customer service: 1-800-563-6688 x690

Note that replies to any questions, comments & complaints posted after hours & on weekends will be made the following business day.


From the first restaurant in 1968 – opened at the height of the hippie era – to the country-wide franchise we know today, MR.SUB has come a long way.

Bell-bottom jeans, tie-dyed shirts, and bearded hippies, the 60’s were a magical time. Everything was new. Everything was exciting. Everything was fresh.

In Toronto, the mecca for action and excitement was Yorkville. Crowded with colourful boutiques and noisy coffee houses, it was a narrow avenue packed from end to end with the hungry masses.

And on the avenue came two friends with a bright idea: sell quality food; serve it fast; make it fresh...and above all, give customers value for their money.


The two friends raised a total of $1500, took their idea of making fresh sandwiches and opened the first Mr.Submarine at 130 Yorkville Avenue. The response was overwhelming, and five months later the two founders opened a second Mr.Submarine.