Sub C Divers (BSAC 1206)

Sports Club

Sub-C-Divers is an award-winning branch of the British Sub-Aqua Club (BSAC) and is an inclusive club based at Howe Bridge Sports Centre in Atherton,Lancs.

BSAC is the UK’s leading dive club and the sport’s National Governing Body, providing an internationally-recognized diver training and development programme via a network of clubs and centres across the country and overseas.

As well as all the benefits you get through being a member of BSAC - free insurance, free monthly magazine, free training etc - you join a friendly club with lots going on.

We meet every Wednesday at Howe Bridge Leisure Centre, Atherton, Greater Manchester. Our meetings run from 8.15pm until 9pm, and then we have full and private use of the pool from 9pm until 10pm. Lectures are normally carried out on club nights, before the meetings, usually by one of our own instructors.

You will always find a warm welcome at Sub C Divers. Our club has just celebrated its 30th anniversary and enjoys a strong and experienced membership.

We own our own ‘RIB’ (rigid inflatable boat) known as Sub ‘C’ 1, which is capable of carrying 8 divers, and is well equipped. It has GPS (satellite navigation), depth sounder, ship to shore radio, large oxygen cylinder, first aid kit, and a brand new engine. It is normally kept at a boat yard in Anglesey, where we tend to use it mostly, but it is on a trailer and is often towed around the country to dive sites such as Oban in Scotland and St Abbs.

The club also has a lot of diving equipment for new members to use during their training, as well as safety, rescue and training equipment, which is well maintained by our equipment officers.

The club is organised by a committee, who meet regularly and help to maintain a friendly, interesting and safe diving club as well as organising social events and fund raising events.

Dive trips are organised by many different members, and over the last few years have included many exotic locations, including, Monardo, The Maldives, Thailand and of course the Red Sea, which is visited by the club regularly.

We also run trips throughout the year in the UK, and have had some fantastic diving (as well as a couple of not brilliant ones). During the last year, club members have visited Anglesey and North Wales, Pembrokeshire Oban, The Clyde, The Farne Islands, Plymouth and the south coast, The Lakes, Isle of Man and many others, including all the popular dive quarries.

There are many advantages of joining a club like Sub-c- Divers. Not only do you have dozens of people to dive with, and organised trips to go on, but we also hold social nights each year. The Chairman’s Ball is held annually, which is typically a buffet or dinner dance, and also the presentation night for all awards achieved throughout the year.

There are also some less formal awards to mark outrageous or hilarious events. The Wooden Weight Belt Award which was won this year by Steve Gaskell (one of our newer members) who made the mistake of telling me what he had done. He was buying a new under suit at a local dive shop and tried it on, Went out into the shop area (that was full of people) and asked one of the assistants if he could try a larger size as this one was a little tight around the neck. The assistant said “try putting it on the right way round” to the applaud of the other customers. Steve was a little red faced. !

We hold an annual, underwater, Easter egg hunt, which is a great day out. Divers search for numbered tags and win prizes. Hotpot and superb apple pie usually follow this!

We have a planned quiz night, which we hope will become an annual event and the mandatory Christmas parties.

At Sub C Divers we have divers of all abilities, from trainee ocean divers to the very experienced. We also have a group of re-breather divers who are achieving some very deep dives, backed up by very careful and detailed planning. So if you are a novice, a qualified diver, or use advanced diving techniques, you will find someone at the club who can do the type of diving you want to do.