Dancing Nathan


A nice back rub turned into a dance trick for RESCUED hairless CC, Nathan. Now, with some help from his buddies, we're spreading giggles with his wiggles.

Nathan's youtube videos can be seen here:

Nathan is a HEALTHY hairless Chinese Crested dog with an infectious joy for life and a captivating talent for dancing. There’s just something about him that makes everyone happy. Nathan IS magical.

His journey leading to life in the public eye was long and winding. Before his adoption with our family he had lived in numerous homes, moving from one to the next after as little as six months. By the time he was about six years old, he ended up in Bald is Beautiful Dog Rescue, where I eventually began fostering him. Our connection was so strong, that I knew I had to adopt him.

Nathan has always been an active, playful dog. His favorite things to do are chase toys, jump really high, and, as I eventually discovered, wiggle and dance. The dancing is what has made him famous. What started out as a feel-good back rub in a cushy office chair turned Nathan into an internet sensation when a video of him was shown on The Ellen Show. He only likes to dance (wiggle) 1-2 minutes at a time...maybe 1x time a week, depending on if I have the time or an idea to make a video. Sometimes he goes weeks without wiggling in the chair. We have lots of other stuff to do to keep us busy.

For Nathan and his friends at Bald is Beautiful Dog Rescue, this adventure has drawn positive attention to hairless breed dogs, which include the Chinese Crested, along with the American Hairless Terrier and Mexican Hairless.

Although their looks are considered odd to some, Nathan’s growing fan base is discovering what makes them incredibly special; quirky antics, expressive faces and loving personalities. Because of Nathan, adoptions within the rescue have benefitted. Inquiries and interest about the breed has increased and comments have been more positive than ever.

Gilligan, Nathan's sidekick, was also adopted through Bald is Beautiful Dog Rescue. He weighs about 6.5lbs and is loaded with some attitude.