Arabic Love Songs with English Subtitles

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Arabic love songs with English subtitles created for all who don't understand the language but love the Arabic music.Please LIKE our page & enjoy the music

Hello to All my beautiful friends who support my page and likes the songs i put on here...!!

I hope you continue to like and share the songs with your friends and loved ones, because this way you communicate with them through music...even if you don't understand the words of any language the music itself is able to talk to your soul.!!

I don't understand the Arabic language myself but i always liked the music.
Few years ago i met someone special from Egypt who gave me a lot of Arabic/Egyptian songs to listen to..since then i fell in love with the magic sound of these songs.

If anyone has some Arabic songs with English subtitles,you are welcome to post them here...I'll be most happy to share them thru my page.

I wish you all a great day and keep listening to beautiful Arabic songs.