DragonBall Z VS Naruto

TV Show

NARUTO VS DRAGON BALL Z !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Naruto & DragonBall are Greatest Animes On This Planet But The Question is Who is Best. So Let The Fan Decide Who is Better Goku or Naruto.Join This Page & Support Ur Favourite anime.
Naruto is All About Ninja There World With Full Of Hatred & The One Destinied Child Who Is Going Change That Cursed World & Bring Peace to Ninja World That Boy Is Naruto Uzumaki,

Dragonball Z is a Story of A True Legend Goku Who Is From The Saiyan Bloodline.
Saiyan are Strongest Fighters in DBZ. Goku Become Saviour of The Entire Universe & With Help From Z fighters Brings peace In The World.