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An insight and fan page into the popular Persian film and TV productions of Parvaz, by Mr. Majid Mahichi.

TV Programs On Shaw Multicultural Channel:

Vancouver Airtime(s): Wednesday 9:00am Sunday 8:30am
Calgary Airtime(s): Wednesday 10:00am Sunday 9:30am

Vancouver Airtime(s): Friday 10:30am Sunday 9:00am
Calgary Airtime(s): Friday 11:30am Sunday 10:00am

Vancouver Nights:
Vancouver Airtime(s): Wednesday 8:00pm Friday 10:00am
Calgary Airtime(s): Wednesday 9:00pm Friday 11:00am

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About Majid Mahichi:

Produced and Directed “KHATOOZIN”, a documentary which has been announced as honorable mention of ALWAYS INDEPENDENT FILM FESTIVAL USA, 2000.

Produced and directed “Beating of the friend’s shadow”, for which received first prize as Script-writer & Director in the first international film festival of film students held in Tehran/Iran 1991.The film was originally prepared as part of my thesis and was selected and shown in UCLA, USA as the best thesis of the year.

Produced and directed “NOROUZ” a film which has received several awards and has been shown in many international film festivals, as listed below:
· 6th international festival of films for children &young adults, Isfahan,Iran 1991, awarded the “Silver Butterfly” as the best medium length film.
· Clairmont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival, France 19991.
· The 37th oberhausen Short Film Festival, Kinderkin Germany 1991.
· Cannes Junior Film Festival, Cannes France 1991.
· Drama Short Film Festival, Greece 1991.
· 1st international film festival, Hamedan/ Iran 1992, awarded “Golden Cup” as the best medium length film.
· 3rd Dhaka International Short Film Festival, Bangladesh 1993.
· Clairmont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival, France 1994, Panorama of Iranian Short Film.
· The Experimental Film Week of Madrid, Spain 1995, Panorama of Iranian Short Films.