Ammara Brown


Ammara Brown is a multi award winning Zimbabwean singer, instrumentalist, dancer, songwriter, producer, actress, brand ambassador, and philanthropist.

#RIPTuku 🦋🦋 20 years ago.. this was my first professional job alongside the now late, Great, Tuku... I have too many memories.. 🦋🦋 One day we were backstage at Pakare Paye, preparing to perform for his annual solo fest. He sang a song I had never heard, while he picked at his guitar. I asked him what it was called. . . He said “Not all songs are for the public. Some songs are meant specially for you, and you alone. It’s a message for your own life you know? After all, it’s not about what you achieve in life, it’s what you overcome, that makes you great.” . . I’ve held onto those words for years, and will do so forever. Legacy. . . A man who was obsessed with his gift and simply wouldn’t quit, even if it meant he was sleeping on someone’s couch in Joburg, an entire two decades into his career. Dedication. ______ He showed me that there is great reward in professionalism and perseverance. Furthermore he supported me, and many others, throughout. . . Uncle Tuku believed in the value of artists so fiercely that you would think he fathered us all. Leadership. . . . Uncle Tuku.. the man who spoke wholeheartedly at my own father’s funeral, when I could barely string a sentence together through my tears... nevermind a song. Compassion. . . Uncle Tuku, sharing a stage with you was a privilege, time after time, but experiencing you as a person was the greatest honor. You were the comfort of a warm hug and a “How are you my daughter?” that was asked with sincerity. . . May you rest in power and finally be with our beloved Sam. Save a song for me up there?...Too many songs I never got to write with Sam.. and now too many songs I’ll never get to write with you... 🦋💔🦋 . . Honestly I would cry even harder if I had to list all the beauty you poured into this world and into my life. The amount of music and wisdom you shared with us all is one of the greatest treasures Zimbabwe has and will ever know. Thank you for sharing your greatness. The honor was ours, so you will always be a legend in the pages of our history. You will always LIVE FOREVER. 🦋💔🦋💔 #OliverMtukudziForever #RIPTuku #AfricanLegend #Nzou
3 months ago