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Dear Fellow Everything around the World

Recently some of the photos we've posted have been "flagged" as copyright infringement by some of our followers, So we at Everything around the World would like to clear up some misunderstandings. We don't claim to own copyright on any of the photos we post here on Everything around the World and all copyright goes to their respected owners.

We are no multi-level corporation running this page, Just two friends who love this voluptuous planet of ours and want to share it's beauty with all it's inhabitants, we are human and therefore not perfect. That being said, we do understand the need to give credit to the photographers who take these beautiful pictures. And while we do our best to find their names, this is the internet and sometimes, by the time we find a photo the source of the image is lost in obscurity.

IF YOU KNOW THE NAME OF A PHOTOGRAPHER FOR ONE OF THE PICTURES WE POST... please leave a comment with their name and link below the image, and we will do our best to edit the post to give them the credit they deserve. "FLAGGING" or "REPORTING" our posts only hurt the community as a whole, and if you love our EVERYTHING as we do, and want to see more of her... Please give us a helping hand, instead of immediately telling Facebook Mom and Dad on us

We Love All of You and Thank You For All The Support You've Shown Us! :) β™₯

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