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誠邀您挑戰 #A200ArtChallenge,運用您的創意為Mercedes-Benz A 200 WhiteArt Edition車身添上獨特設計! 你可於下列網址下載原圖,完成設計後請把作品於11月30日或之前留言發佈在此帖子,最多「Like」的五個設計可進入最後投選。勝出者可獲A 200 WhiteArt Edition七天試駕體驗,勝出作品更有機會印製成車膜於平治陳列室展出! 原圖稿(.PSD)下載網址 : (必須備有Adobe Photoshop) *詳情請閱活動條款及細則 Unleash your artistic talents in our #A200ArtChallenge! Design your unique version of the Mercedes-Benz A 200 WhiteArt Edition using the template file and post your work under this post on or before 30th November. Top 5 designs receiving most "Like" will enter into the final voting poll, of which the final winner will receive a 7-day test drive experience with the A 200 WhiteArt Edition! Your masterpiece may be produced as car skin and showcase in one of the Mercedes-Benz showrooms! Template (.PSD) Download: (Applicable to Adobe Photoshop) Terms and condition apply. #MercedesBenz #Mercedes #MBHK #A200WhiteArtEdition #A200ArtChallenge 條款及細則: 1. 參加活動前,所有參加者必需細閱及遵守以下條款及細則。閣下的參與將代表閣下已閱讀及同意各項條款及細則。 2. 活動日期為2017年 11月 2日至 2017 年 11月30日 (包括首尾兩天) 。截止時間以平治香港電腦為準(香港時間GMT+8)。 3. 作品必須於2017年 11月30日23:59或之前完成,並留言發佈在此帖子。 4. 每人參加次數/作品不限,但每人最多只獲一次得獎機會。 5. 作品不可含有任何不當用語、挑釁性、誤導性或濫發內容,平治香港保留刊登及刪除作品的權利,參加者不得異議。 6. 作品內容及設計必須屬個人擁有。 7. 作品只限以[讚好]來投票,其餘情感符號均不計算在內。 8. 如發現參加者以外掛程式、空號或假帳戶參加本活動,平治香港有權取消該參賽者之得獎資格。 9. 活動結束後,平治香港會於Facebook聯絡得獎者。如不能於七個工作天內成功聯絡得獎者,得獎資格將自動作廢。 10. 獎品不可轉換或兌換現金。平治香港保留更改獎品的權利,毋須另行通知。 11. 部分獎品須於指定有效日期內享用,得獎者不得異議。 12. 任何因電腦、網路等技術問題而引致參加者所遞交的資料有遲延、遺失、錯誤、無法辨識等情況,平治香港概不負責。 13. 所有作品一經發佈,即視為同意授權予平治香港採用作宣傳推廣用途, 而無需另行通知。 14. 平治香港可隨時對上述之條款及細則作出修改而毋須另行通知。如有任何爭議,平治香港保留活動之最終決定權。 15. 本條款及細則備有英文及中文版本。如有歧義,以英文版本為準。 *平治香港 - (梅賽德斯-奔馳有限公司) #A200ArtChallenge Terms & Conditions: 1. Please read the Terms and Conditions carefully since any participation in this event constitutes your acceptance of the Terms and Conditions set out herein. 2. Event period is between 2 – 30 November, 2017. The closing time of the event will be in accordance to Mercedes-Benz Hong Kong server time (Hong Kong Time GMT+8). 3. The artwork must be completed and published on this post on or before 23:59 30th November, 2017. 4. There is no limit to the number of artwork from each entrant, and the winner will only receive the prize once. 5. Mercedes-Benz Hong Kong reserves the right in its sole discretion to disqualify any artwork finds to be containing obscene, provocative, defamatory, sexually explicit, or otherwise objectionable or inappropriate content. 6. The design must be original and owned by the entrant. 7. Only “Like” will be counted as votes and other “Reactions” will be excluded. 8. Any illegal or fraudulent acts to sabotage the rules and enter this event, their participation and/or winning qualifications will be void without prior notice. 9. Mercedes-Benz Hong Kong will contact the winner via Facebook. If the winner failed to be reached within 7 working days, the entitlement of prize will be considered as forfeited. 10. The prize cannot be exchanged or redeemed for cash or any other product. Mercedes-Benz Hong Kong reserves the right to change the prize without prior notice. 11. Prize may have designated validation period. Mercedes-Benz Hong Kong reserves the final right in case of any disputes. 12. Mercedes-Benz Hong Kong is not responsible for any matter in relation to submission delay, loss, and any information transmission error due to technical problems including but not limited to any computer or internet network issues. 13. Upon submission of designs, you will be deemed to have read and agreed to be bound by the terms and conditions, including Mercedes-Benz Hong Kong Limited applying the entries on marketing/promotional usage on its sole discretion without any further notice. 14. Mercedes-Benz Hong Kong reserves the right to amend or cancel any of the above terms and conditions without prior notice. In case of any disputes, Mercedes-Benz Hong Kong reserves the right to make the final decision. 15. The English version of these Terms and Conditions shall prevail in case of any discrepancy between the English and Chinese versions. Mercedes-Benz Hong Kong - Mercedes-Benz Hong Kong Limited
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