Wolfpack Ninjas

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Welcome to the Official FB page for the Wolfpack Ninjas! We are making the world healthier one kid at a time.

The Wolfpack Ninja Tour is a company made by Ninjas to make the world healthier one kid at a time.

We hold live events across the country where fans can interact with and take classes with all the top Pro Ninjas. We are also professionalizing the sport of obstacle racing and we are the only event to include all activity levels and offer anyone a shot at the prize money.

We have charity causes for each event and numerous 501 partners with whom we work to tackle childhood health issues.

We are owned and operated by Ninjas, for Ninjas.

Learn more at www.wolfpackninjatour.com and www.wolfpackninjas.com or listen to our free podcast on iTunes: Wolfpack Ninja Podcast

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