Lingualbox - 1:1 Live English Classes Online


The most cost-effective way to learn spoken English.

LingualBox is a budget English language school offering 1:1 live English classes online.

・Our Tutors
Our classes are conducted by certified Filipino tutors.

・Why Filipino Teachers?
1. Filipino tutors speak American English fluently
According to GlobalEnglish's Business English Index(BEI) 2013, Philippines ranks No.1 in the world.

2. Affordable
Cost per class is 1/3 compare with taking classes of native English speakers.

・Speak More, Learn Faster
We believe that the best way to master spoken English is to speak more. So, if your budget for learning spoken English was not unlimited. Our school is the best choice.

・Various Courses
We have many courses like "English Conversation Course", "Basic English Course", "Useful Expressions Course", so you can use appropriate materials according to your English proficiency.