Peer Syed Irfan Shah Mash'hadi (Official)

Public Figure

Shaykh-ul-Hadith Sayyid Muhammad Irfan Shah Mash'hadi is the son of one of the most distinguished scholars of Islam, Imaam-ul-asr Haafiz-al-Hadith Sayyid Muhammad Jalaluddin Shah Mash'hadi Moosvi (alaihir rahma), faazl-e-Bareli. Shaykh-ul-Hadith Sayyid Muhammad Irfan Mash'hadi also gave Bai’at to his father in the Naqshbandi order, he received Khilaafa in the Qadri order from Sayyid Yousaf Abdullah Al Gilaani Al Baghdaadi (alaihir rahma), Naqeebul ashraaf Baghdaad sharif. Hazrat Sahib at an early age revised the Holy Quran by heart under Hafiz Qari Qutb addin Chisti Nizaami. He studied Dars-e-Nizaami at the feet of his illustrious father and Ustaad ul Qul Allama Muhammad Nawaaz Naqshbandi Kilaani, faazl-e-Bareli, and Justice Dr. Professor Mufti Sayyid Shuja’at Ali Qadri (alaihir rahma). He received special permission in Hadith and Wazaaif from:

• Imaam e Ahlsunnat, Allama Ahmad Saeed Kaazmi
• Waqaar ul millat, Allama Waqaaruddin Qadri Rizwi
• Taaj us Shariat, Molana Akhtar Raza Khan Barelwi
• Hazrat Sayyid Yousaf Haashim ar Rifa’i
• Hazrat Khwaaja Hafiz Muhammad Faazil Sahib Dhaangri Sharif

After finishing his studies he has travelled throughout Pakistan and to many countries in the world to propagate the true message of Islam and to disassociate any misconceptions given by some parties regarding the Ahl-al-Sunnah wal Jama’at. His Eminence is known around the world for his work in defending attacks on the life and character of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Alaihissalaam), by so called Muslims and those from other faiths. He is truly a great scholar whom Allah has chosen for this work.