Mother Nature Cambodia

Nonprofit Organization

Exposing - and with your help, stopping - environmental crimes & other excesses by the Cambodian dictatorship of Hun Sen.

Our winning formula

+ Passion and commitment, not economic remuneration, is what makes us go forward. Nature conservation in Cambodia must not be a way for individuals to make money or climb up the professional ladder. It is an obligation, not just as nature lovers but also as informed and responsible Cambodians.

+ Urgency - Cambodia's natural resources are being systematically destroyed at a very rapid rate by vested interests. This has to be effectively stopped, fast.

+ Bravery - Cambodia is anything but a democratic regime, and in some of the areas we work criminal syndicates, in most cases with outright support from state prgans, rule with impunity. Cambodian human rights and environmental activists have been in the last few years killed, jailed, judicially-harassed and endlessly repressed by the government. Yet, despite these huge obstacles, our activists still strive.

+ Innovation & Effectiveness - The companies that are destroying Cambodia's nature are well-connected and very effective money-making machines. To be able to stop them, nature activists can not only use our hearts, we must also use their brains.

+ Peaceful, direct action is a vital tool to be used to minimize the systematic destruction of our country's natural resources. Our activists must be masters at coordinating and leading peaceful movements of local communities, fellow activists, etc;

+ Exposure of the crimes against nature being committed on mainstream / social media and any other means is a vital tool we must make good use of. This informs the public, puts pressure on the government and helps inspire others to become activists;

+ Solidarity – we recognise that many Cambodians living in close connection with nature and depending on its fruits for their livelihoods, are under assault by agencies seeking to undermine their rights. We commit to supporting these communities in their struggles to retain their land and culture and identities.

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