Public Figure

South African born, the world is my home � �

This is a page to keep you entertained! Mainly focused on the happenings in South Africa, but it also has a hint of international flavor! I provide you with all the latest info regarding events, food, music.

I myself love exploring, going to new places, try new things... My favorite part about social media is that it connects people from all over the world. I get to talk to everyone, no matter what time it is in the world.

What I do here on Joburger is the following:

- Entertain everyone!
- Share experiences...
- Show people what the world has to offer!
- Share relevant and entertaining content.
- Promote other people and their businesses.
- Help small companies grow, spread the name!

I will bend over backwards to keep my followers 100% happy all the time!

7 months ago