Ag 101


Agriculture for the other 98% of the population who eat every day. Ag 101 is a project of the National Agricultural Institute (

This Facebook page is a precursor to an upcoming book by the same name. Today in the United States, 98% of the people are basically fed by the 2% directly involved in production agriculture. The purpose of this site is to enable the non-farmer to more fully appreciate and understand the basic biologic and economic principles fundamental to the production, processing, and distribution of food. This Facebook page and the upcoming book, Ag 101, is designed to guide readers through an appreciation and understanding of agriculture and to stress that the nation with the firmest agricultural base is also the nation most likely to be strongest politically in the future. Ag 101 is a project of the National Agricultural Institute (

From the earliest human beginnings, the most valuable commodity has been food, and the most important practice has been agriculture. This fact is often taken for granted because food production continues smoothly in the United States and, for the most part, without interruption.

Understanding agriculture is important not only for the maintenance of food supplies but for the increase of humankinds' efficient and ingenious use and modification of natural resources. The more efficient people can be in producing the food they need, the more they can be free to pursue other work, including creative and cultural efforts.

Sadly, the true value of food seems to become apparent only during a food shortage or with the threat of a shortage in the near future. In such a time, the facts surrounding food production become more important to a more concerned people. People must always remember: “The person without food has but one problem. The person with food has many problems.” In the United States many people do not have to worry about food. This means they are free to pursue other careers and creative or cultural efforts. They also have time to create and worry about many other real or imagined issues.