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In today's era - where information is ubiquitous, it is ironic that a great deal of misinformation exists around bodybuilding supplements. People usually rely on word of mouth for choosing a good supplement, without giving due thought to whether a supplement meets their goals or not. While there are a number of International Brands available in India - they usually carry a premium price tag. Further, there are a number of reports of counterfeiting rackets, that further plague the Indian gym freak. Health conscious Indians lose time, money, energy, focus and worst of all - Health too. We want to change all of this. Seriously.

We understand the herculean commitment that a sports person or a gym goer brings to the gym and we feel it's high time someone reciprocated the same commitment and support to their aspirations. We believe that great supplements - be it whey or creatine or a mass gainer or a fat burner should be accessible to everyone and not available to a select few, because they can 'afford' it. Further, a supplement that works, doesn't have to contain any banned ingredients, it doesn't have to taste like sewage, it doesn't have to make you sick. Also, it doesn't have to cost a fortune.

We made MuscleBlaze for you. Maybe you're not a gym goer today, but at some point of time, you might take to exercising seriously. We're ready whenever you are.